1293 S Beretania St, Honolulu, HI 96814
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1293 S Beretania St, Honolulu, HI 96814
Toll Free: 800-234-0538 Local: 808-591-2288
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Tropical Arrangements

Honolulu Funeral Florist delivers exotic tropical plants to Honolulu and the surrounding area. Order Azaleas, Orchids and other beautiful tropical plants and really wow your friends and family!

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Beretania's Tropical Centerpiece
Beretania's Tropical Centerpiece ABF1000 US 99.99
beretania florist atherton tropical arrangement
Beretania's Atherton Tropical Bouquet TROP1023 US 299.99
beretania florist kewalo tropical arrangement
Beretania's Kewalo Tropical Bouquet TROP1024 US 249.99
beretania florist citron tropical arrangement
Beretania's Citron Tropical Bouquet TROP1025 US 274.99
beretania florist hausten tropical
Beretania's Hausten Tropical Bouquet TROP1026 US 399.99
beretania florist isenburg tropical arrangement
Beretania's Isenburg Tropical Bouquet TROP1027 US 449.99
beretania florist pumehana tropical arrangement
Beretania's Pumehana Tropical Bouquet TROP1028 US 299.99
beretania florist birch tropical arrangement
Beretania's Birch Tropical Bouquet TROP1029 US 249.99
beretania florist cedar tropical arrangement
Beretania's Cedar Tropical Bouquet TROP1030 US 399.99
beretania florist liholiho tropical arrangement
Beretania's Liholiho Tropical Bouquet TROP1031 US 269.99
beretania florist thurston tropical arrangement
Beretania's Thurston Tropical Bouquet TROP1032 US 199.99
beretania florist pawaina tropical arrangement
Beretania's Pawaina Tropical Bouquet TROP1033 US 249.99

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